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If you have been living with hearing loss, you know how it feels to miss pieces of conversations or notes from your favourite songs. When parts of an experience are missing, you aren’t able to completely engage in those moments. As a consequence, your memories are compromised and incomplete.

Beltone wants to give you back the ability to fully participate in your life. We develop hearing solutions using only the latest hearing technology that is designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss.

What our happy customers have to say…

Sound that disappeared years ago was back in my life – like birds singing and I could hear different background sounds. – P. Degenaar
Everything is clearer now that I am using the Beltone TRUE hearing aids. Even in shopping centres and outdoors I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves anymore. – G Bouwer
Baie beter as met vorige gehoorapparate. Ek hoor my vrou as sy roep en die TV is baie sagter gestel. BAIE GOED! – Mnr A. Peens
Beltone has restored my self-esteem and I feel whole again. God has through you, given me a new lease of life. I feel so confident that I almost forget that I have a hearing defect. Congratulations, you have outdone yourself! – Thumi Phayane
I don’t have to turn the TV up to loud AND I can hear my children talk clearer. I can hear better at bank tellers, post office tellers and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically. – H. Pascoe
Wat ‘n wonderlike ervaring om soveel vergete geluide weer te hoor – water wat uit ‘n kraan vloei, sleutels se rinkel en kinderstemme wat heerlik lag! – Mev Pienaar
Die gehoorapparate is PUIK! Ek hoor die voeltjies, horlosies…sagte klanke wat ek nog altyd wou hoor maar ek kon nie. Met die Beltone TRUE hoor ek nou weer al hierdie klanke. – J Maass
It is nice to hear the finer things in life again! – D. Viljoen
My vrou is bedleend en was in stilte vir al die jare. Nou kan sy geluide van buite hoor en soms bring dit ‘n glimlag op haar gesig. Dan weet ek sy het weereens ‘n nuwe geluid gehoor wat ek myself nie eens kon hoor nie. Baie dankie! – C. Bester
My eie stem klink meer natuurlik en klanke is beslis duideliker. Beltone se klankhelderheid beïndruk. – C. Treurnicht

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