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Beltone makes high quality hearing care available to more people. We do this by developing technically optimal hearing solutions without ever losing focus on the individual’s needs.

We are proud to provide the hearing impaired with the best hearing care available, from products to counseling to service.

Beltone Hearing aids have been supplied in South Africa since the early 1980s. Hearing Innovations was awarded sole distributorship in 1991.

About Beltone

Since 2004 Beltone has been part of the larger GN Resound Group in Denmark.

This group constitutes one of the six largest hearing aid developers and suppliers worldwide.

Beltone hearing aids are available from professional hearing aid dispensers across South Africa.

Our service is focused on you

Beltone was founded in 1940 and has become a global world leader in hearing health care.

Being part of one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of hearing instruments, Beltone hearing aids are sold in South Africa and over 40 countries worldwide.

At Hearing Innovations we have highly trained professionals and friendly service.