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Technology Meets Reliability

HPF80 NanoBlock is an ultra-thin, undetectable coating that protects the inside and outside of your hearing instruments from moisture, dirt and hair products.

It repels substances that could otherwise cause damage to the delicate hearing instruments components.

Beltone Products are developed using only the latest hearing technology and are designed to fit just about any lifestyle and hearing loss. Beltone offers an extensive line of digital instruments that allow for better performance in difficult listening situations and therefore ultimate patient satisfaction.

From open to custom fitting. Beltone instruments are easy to wear and inconspicuous enabling you to maintain a healthy, active and socially rewarding lifestyle.

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  What is right for me?

Finding the right hearing aid for you is essential to bringing the optimal level of hearing back into your life. Beltone offers a variety of different hearing solutions in terms of functions, designs, colours etc. that can be matched to your exact hearing needs.

Types & StylesTechnology & Features
A hearing aid can be described in terms of outer and inner parts. The outer shell makes up the overall look. The inner circuitry determines the type of technology. There are four basic styles of hearing aids, which can be differentiated by where they sit in the ear and which types of hearing loss they assist.

Customized in-the-ear (ITE)

An in-the-ear hearing aid is custom made specifically to your ear based on an impression that your hearing care professional takes of your ear canal and outer ear. This type of hearing aid can be almost hidden in your ear – however the size and visibility depend on your degree of hearing loss and the size and shape of your ear canal.

Customized in-the-ear hearing aids today can fit almost any type of hearing loss. To increase your comfort, most in-the-ear hearing solutions offer ventilation. Venting helps to provide a more natural sound quality.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

These hearing aids are worn behind the ear and can assist most types of hearing loss. The sound is delivered into your ear canal through a transparent sound tube.

For milder hearing losses the tube can be thin and retained comfortably in the ear with an open dome. The open fitting allows for even more airflow and a natural perception of sound.

For more severe hearing losses the tube is connected to an ear mould that is customized to your ear. This hearing solution allows for a greater amount of amplification and a very stable sound quality.

Receiver-in-ear (RIE)

This rather new type of hearing aid is extremely lightweight and so small that it is essentially invisible. The casing sits behind the ear and houses all of the electronic components of the hearing aid – except for the speaker. A thin transparent tube is attached to this case, through which very thin wires are run to attach to the speaker, which is placed in your ear canal.

These lightweight, nearly invisible hearing aids can be used with or without an ear mould to fit your individual amplification needs. Almost all types of hearing loss can be assisted with RIE hearing aids to benefit from the extremely natural sound quality.

Design & Colours

Beltone hearing aids all have a very friendly design that provides you with wearing comfort and security. They are so comfortable that most people often forget that they have them on or in their ears.

Beltone offers a selection of numerous discrete styles that will enable you to determine which hearing aids are the most comfortable for you to wear. You can also choose from a palette of colours either to find the colour that best matches your hair, blends in with the shadow behind your ear or the colour that makes your hearing aid look like the advanced piece of technology it is.

A hearing aid is an electronic, battery-operated device that amplifies sound to help you communicate better and live a more socially active life. Sound is received through a microphone, and a tiny amplifier forms the signal and sends it through a speaker into your ear canal.

Digital signal processing

Most of today’s hearing aids are small advanced, digital microcomputers. This means that your Beltone hearing solution will be programmed to match your specific hearing needs and provide you with a very high sound quality.

Like a healthy-hearing ear

Sounds from Beltone hearing aids are very much like sounds you used to hear naturally. Beltone’s advanced method of compressing sound means that Beltone hearing technology mimics the way a normal ear would treat sound. This way, soft sounds are amplified for you to hear them and sudden loud sounds are controlled to avoid the sound level from becoming uncomfortably high for you.

Hear – even in noisy situations

If you have a hearing loss, the most difficult situation may be trying to understand conversations in the presence of background noise. Beltone offers advanced features that automatically detect and enhance sounds of speech. The hearing instruments can reduce the amplification of background noise as well as irritating sounds such as humming from computers and refrigerators.

Identify where sounds come from

You can select Beltone hearing aids with two microphones. Dual microphones will enable you to identify sounds based on the direction from which they are coming. At the same time, directional microphones help you focus on sounds you want to hear – whether they are coming from the side or from in front of you. That makes is easier to follow conversations.

Protection from squealing

Sometimes hearing aids squeal, whistle, or produce echoes. Beltone hearing aids are programmed to prevent these annoying and sometimes embarrassing situations. The Beltone Feedback Management system ensures this by automatically analyzing the sound environment you are in and adapting the amplification to a comfortable level.

Options for your individual preference

You can choose a Beltone hearing aid with multiple programs, each of which can be tailored to the situations that you most often encounter. This type of hearing aid has a push button that enables you to manually switch between programs when you encounter different environments.

Volume control
Some Beltone hearing aids are offered with a volume control you can adjust manually at any time.

You can choose to have a telecoil option with your hearing aid. This is particularly useful in public places such as churches, theaters and airports, where telecoil solutions transmit the sound signal directly to the hearing aid. Tele-loop solutions can also be installed at home.